Human Milk Banking Association of India

About Human Milk Bank of India…

A human milk bank is a centre to collect, screen, test, and store donor milk collected from healthy lactating mothers.
The primary objective of a human milk bank is to make sure that every baby receives human milk as early as possible, especially those who are born weak.
In India, these centres are called Comprehensive Lactation Management Centres (CLMC).

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About Human Milk Banking Association of India…

We are a national network of health care providers who work in the field of human milk banking and related areas including child nutrition, infant feeding, maternal health, etc. in India. We work in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations.
The objective of the network is to develop scientific and evidence-based practices in the field of human milk banking. The association also organizes workshops and conferences to generate awareness about human milk banking among the medical fraternity and the community.


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