Welcome to Human Milk Banking Association (of India)

The Human Milk Banking Association (of India) is a national organization of medical fraternity with membership from various branches and specialties. The association offers equal membership to all the doctors (Modern medicine, Dental, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy etc.) irrespective of their field of practice / specialization.) who want to work in the field of human milk banking and related issues. This association is associated with and working regarding the issues related with human milk banking, Infant feeding practices, child nutrition, mother’s dietary needs and overall nutritional issues of the community / society. The association is working in collaboration with various Government and non-government organizations like WHO, UNICEF, PATH, NIPI, FOGSI, IMLEA, IMA, IYCF chapter of IAP etc. The membership includes Pediatricians, Obstetricians, Community health experts/ workers and those interested in the human milk banking issues. The association is an academic body for framing the scientific and evidence based guidelines, recommendations in the field of human milk banking. The association also organizes workshops, CME’s and conferences so as to update the knowledge of its members and community regarding human milk banking, IYCF practices and mother and child nutrition. The association does not accept any financial or monetary support from the companies banned under IMS Act.

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